mnu (1981), the multi-talented street- and applied art enthusiast has been inspired by all forms of art (mainly street/graffiti) since 1996, the date when – unsurprisingly – his career began as a graffiti artist on the grumpy streets of Salgótarján. He entered the world of applied graphic arts (print, enterior-, event-, webdesign, branding, etc) in 2001, when he moved to Budapest.

His unique and enthusiastic work became widely recognised by the art- and business scene, as his own style was developed. If you want to sum up his work in one word, it must be: balance. In two words: perfect balance. He always finds the way to smoothly merge self-expression with the needs of the clients/projects. “Everything is inspiration” – he says. “Whether it’s a flyer for a pharmaceutical company, a collaborative art project or just a freehand drawing, I see the challenge. I’m super-curious, always thinking about how the experimenting with different materials, techniques could result in something unique, something, that’s never done before”.


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